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Take a “snapshot” of your customers’ experience

Register HereIf you’ve not yet established a systematic approach to measuring ongoing customer experiences, our Customer Experience Snapshots, developed specifically for the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries, will help provide an initial measure of your customers’ experiences, highlight current strengths and identify potential improvement opportunities.

How it works

The snapshot is produced over a 2-3 month period and is based on your customers’ responses to a short online questionnaire hosted on our customer feedback website.

The survey process

Following your registration:

Snapshot report and briefing

BriefingWe deliver your report by email in the form of a .pdf file and then provide a short company-specific briefing by phone, Skype or in-person (depending on your location).

Based on your customers’ responses the report will include the following:

Register HereMultiple reporting entities

If customers experience your services at different locations or on multiple routes, we can build each of these entities into the survey and (where sufficient customer responses allow) report on the relative performance of each.  The base price for the customer experience snapshot includes a single reporting entity.  There is an additional fee for each additional reporting entity.

Where possible, the report will include a number of benchmark comparisons based on data received from this, and similar studies we have performed.  All company-specific findings are treated in confidence and comparisons are presented in contrast to a cross-industry average, or illustrating the position the company holds in a pentile ranking of other unnamed companies. 

Participation fee 

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  • Participation fee US $670 (plus US$15 for each additional reporting entity)
  • Participation fee UK £470 (plus UK£10 for each additional reporting entity)
  • Participation fee Euro €597 (plus €12 for each additional reporting entity)
  • Participation fee AU $870 (plus AU$18 for each additional reporting entity)
  • Participation fee NZ $970 (plus NZ$20 for each additional reporting entity) (+GST)

              (25% of the participation fee will be invoiced upon registration and the remainder will be invoiced upon delivery of the report)

After the snapshot

The snapshot survey is based on our ongoing customer experience tracking programmes where monthly tracking reports are used as an ongoing management tool to monitor performance and actively drive service quality improvement.  Following the study, participants may wish to transition to one of our ongoing tracking programmes.

The tracking programmes provide:

We offer a scalable range of tracking solutions, from easy-to-implement basic tracking - reporting to the level of generic types of service within an industry, to the enhanced and customised tracking programmes that can provide performance reporting down to individual, property, route, venue or service.

For more information

If you would like to discuss the customer experience snapshot in more detail prior to registration, or any have a chat about other ways we may be of service to your organisation, please get in touch so we can schedule a call.

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