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Largely due to an understandable discomfort handling angry customers, and the widespread absence of corporate financial metrics quantifying customer dissatisfaction, many organisations regard customer feedback and complaints as an “inconvenience” - and customer satisfaction research as no more than a form of cosmetic “marketing intelligence”.

In doing so, they fail to capitalise on the opportunity of using customer feedback as a management tool to improve their products, their services, their businesses and the value they bring their customers.  This is a problem that CTMA solves for businesses and public sector organisations alike.

Customer-driven business strategies

CTMA has identified six key steps to building a defence against customer dissatisfaction and revenue at risk

Turning feedback into management actions

By adopting a systematic approach to customer experience feedback an organisation can turn customer feedback into management actions, build an effective force against service management challenges and a defence against customer dissatisfaction.

CTMA has identified six important steps an organisation must take to fully exploit these opportunities:


Ways we can help

CTMA’s portfolio of consulting and research services is dedicated to helping organisations address these six key areas and help turn customer feedback and customer satisfaction measurement into management actions.

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