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Employee research

Employees are an in-house expert source on how well an organisation can (and does) serve its customers. CTMA’s employee research programmes help organisations identify internal sources of dissatisfaction that can, in turn, lead to barriers for effective customer service, customer dissatisfaction, reduced productivity and higher employee turnover.

Employee research can help identify internal barriers for effective customer service that lead to higher levels of customer and employee churn

Employee baseline research

Employee baseline of customer service

CTMA's employee baseline of customer service focuses on the overall relationship between staff-experience delivering service, and loyalty.  Its purpose is to identify problems encountered by staff when delivering service to customers, what staff do when they encounter such problems and how well the company responds to staff when they seek assistance.

Baseline of employee satisfaction

CTMA's baseline of employee satisfaction examines the relationship between employee satisfaction and loyalty to the company.  Its purpose is to identify sources of employee dissatisfaction, discover what they do when they encounter problems and concerns with their employer and how well the company responds to employees who have problems or concerns.


Ongoing satisfaction tracking

Employee satisfaction tracking programmes

Once a baseline has been established, employee satisfaction tracking programmes can help monitor the performance of individual employee or customer processes, the effectiveness of improvement initiatives and provide an ongoing measure of employee satisfaction and loyalty.  Employee satisfaction tracking programmes can also provide an early indication of problems that would otherwise not be detected until after they have impacted customers.