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Consulting and advisory services - from discovery to delivery

Our consulting and advisory services range from discovery, to delivery, and beyond. From our strategic assessments and reviews, to providing support for major customer experience change programmes, we can act as an external catalyst to customer service improvement initiatives, help drive transformations and provide ongoing assistance with periodic visits, customer service ‘health-checks’ and executive coaching.

1. Finding opportunities - CTMA’s assessments of capability and opportunity


CTMA helps organisations define better customer experiences and transition to a self-sustaining customer-driven business

An enterprise-wide customer experience service management assessment

CTMA’s enterprise-wide customer experience service management assessments provide a strategic external view of an organisation’s current customer service and voice of the customer practices, its current strengths and opportunities for improvement. An assessment examines CTMA’s five key strategies for customer-driven value creation:

The assessment is typically conducted through a series of site visits and interviews with a cross-section of staff and management. Following these meetings we present our findings to senior management, together with a set of specific recommendations.

The assessment is sometimes conducted in parallel with a CTMA customer satisfaction and loyalty baseline research study. The quantitative findings from the study can often compliment and arm the assessment with customer-driven economic imperatives.

A comprehensive “Voice of the Customer” assessment

The purpose of a comprehensive “Voice of the Customer” assessment is to provide an external review of current activities and capabilities deployed to harness customer feedback, identify and prioritise management actions, implement change and measure the benefit of actions taken.

The assessment typically involves a series of site visits, one-on-one interviews and group discussions with management and staff, at head office and a selection of field offices or branches.

Following the site visits CTMA will produce a briefing report and roadmap to chart the potential development of a coordinated and comprehensive Voice of the Customer programme.

A customer experience tracking programme assessment

Organisations that already undertake regular tracking of customer satisfaction and customer experience are sometimes concerned about the effectiveness of such programmes. There can be many reasons why they become concerned. They may need a simple adjustment to the reporting approach, a small or a significant change to the questions being asked, or a complete review of the programme design and methodology.

As a first step we encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

If the answer to these questions is “I don’t know”, “I’m note sure” or “nothing” then we can probably help.

A CTMA “Customer Experience Tracking Programme Assessment” can help clarify any existing concerns you have with the programme, identify opportunities to improve its effectiveness and help you turn the voice of your customers into management actions.

The process typically involves four key tasks to assess the programme, and help you maximise its future actionability:

2. Planning, designing and implementing change

Customer service initiatives

CTMA can provide support in a number of roles during the planning, design, piloting and rollout of customer experience management, customer service improvement initiatives and voice of the customer programmes. In conjunction with our management workshops and seminars we can provide thought leadership, guidance and external quality assurance to steering groups and project teams and help with solution design and deployment.

Ongoing support

A truly successful customer-driven business model is one that is self-sustaining and self-regenerating. But even the best executed business improvements can under-perform or fail if they become diluted with time or if their original drivers change. To champion this process, CTMA can provide ongoing assistance with periodic visits, attend steering group meetings, act as an 'external provocateur', conduct customer service 'health-checks' and provide executive mentoring.

3. Tracking results and managing improvement

Ongoing satisfaction tracking

The results of customer service improvement initiatives need to be measured and tracked against agreed success criteria. CTMA's customer satisfaction tracking services support an organisation's customer-driven transition and ongoing compliance. They provide a valuable ongoing measure of customer service effectiveness and point to where further fine-tuning and adjustment may be necessary.

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