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Our clients and industry perspectives

About our clients and their industries

Our clients come from a wide range of industries but they all share a belief in one common principle. They know that their ongoing success, and potential growth, depends on the continued loyalty and advocacy of their customers. They know that their customers are the ultimate source of every penny of their revenue and profits.

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Our clients share our belief that ongoing success depends upon continued loyalty and advocacy of customers

This simple guiding principle is equally important to commercial organisations as it is for government departments and not-for-profit organisations. Knowing this, our clients actively pursue customer-driven business strategies that build their customers into their business, product and service improvement programmes.

What they do

Our experience helping clients to implement these programmes includes work in the following industries:


What they say...

...about our consulting:

 "...easy to work with - knowledgeable, creative and delivers great results. Highly recommended!"

(Simon Pickford - Manager Customer and Regulatory Services, New Plymouth District Council)

"...take the complex and translates it into practical, relevant and understandable information that a
    business person can directly use"

(Terry Williams - Manager Customer Relationships, North Shore City Council)

“... an amazing ability to take a difficult project, break it into manageable pieces and make it happen.more

(Cam Smith Arnold - Vice President Customer Relations, American Suzuki)

“...CTMA takes the grand prize. If you want a consulting service that truly understands the value of customers,more
    helps you become self-sustaining and be successful, then look no further than to CTMA”

(Heidi Kabage - Customer Relations Manager, American Suzuki)

...about our measurement programmes:

“The satisfaction tracking programme provides us with the insight into what the customer really wants and expects”

“Our managers look forward to receiving their monthly reports to see how effective new initiatives may have been”

“The programme paid for itself many times over in identifying improvement opportunities and cost reductionsmore
 in an incredibly timely and structured way”

(Terry Williams - Manager Customer Relationships, North Shore City Council)

“This is a powerful tool that we can now use across the organisation to drive our continuous improvement programme”more

(Simon Pickford - Manager Customer and Regulatory Services, New Plymouth District Council)

“CTMA were instrumental in the ongoing success of our customer satisfaction survey program”

(Rob Boyle - Service Quality Analyst, North Shore City Council)more

Where they are

Where our clients are basedWe have worked for clients in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.

 With our "home office" in Auckland, New Zealand, our time zone leads the world. Our working day overlaps nicely with morning and early afternoon in Australia, afternoon in America and early morning in Europe. (For our local time, please take a look at our “Time Check” page).

So whatever, wherever, or whenever, you are, we are ready to help with your customer challenges too. Just contact us and we'll arrange a time for an initial discussion. By phone, by Skype or in person.