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Customer experience measurement

Our customer experience measurement solutions help organisations establish a baseline of customer satisfaction and loyalty, identify sources of customer dissatisfaction, prioritise remedial actions, track ongoing service-quality and actively manage customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy upwards.

More than just an approach to satisfaction research, CTMA’s measurement programmes turn customer experience measurements into management actions to improve customer loyalty and advocacy

We have found that effective customer experience research must to go far beyond a satisfaction or advocacy score or a performance index. In developing our research methodologies we have ensured that measurement produces clearly actionable findings that identify specific areas of customer dissatisfaction, prioritised in terms of their strategic and financial impact to the organisation’s success.

Customer experience baseline studies

Report optionsOur customer experience baseline study measures the customer’s experience across the breath of their journey and relationship with an organisation. It identifies specific areas of poor performance, sources of customer dissatisfaction and customer-driven improvement priorities. It also identifies key aspects of customer complaint and word-of-mouth behaviour and provides a measure of the organisation’s effectiveness responding to customers.

The study delivers much more than a simple customer satisfaction score and performance index. It provides specific and actionable findings about customer experiences, presents customer satisfaction and improvement opportunities in financial terms, and estimates the cost of poor service and the potential return on specific areas of service improvement investment.

Baseline studies report on four key areas of customer experience that impact on loyalty and advocacy:

The study identifies a set of clearly actionable customer-driven product and service quality improvement opportunities that often include a combination of strategic and tactical issues.

By estimating the financial impact of current level of satisfaction the study identifies opportunities for improvement based on the profitability of good service and the cost of poor service. Potential remedial actions and improvement initiatives can then be assessed in terms of their potential return on service level investment.

 CTMA’s customer experience baselines range from studies commissioned for individual companies to industry-wide baselines providing industry-wide comparative findings for participating organisations. Industries in which CTMA has conducted baseline studies include retail banking, telecommunications, electricity and gas supply, and local government services. 

Ongoing customer experience tracking programmes

Tracking ProgrammesCTMA’s ongoing customer satisfaction-tracking programmes function as an operational management tool. They monitor and support the management and service quality improvement of specific customer processes, touchpoints and interactions such as those in call centres, financial services, local government, retail networks, passenger travel, hospitality etc.

Monitoring satisfaction with service, transactions, relationships and brands, the programmes focus on management outcomes to track and manage performance against key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty to reduce the number of problems experienced by customers and to increase re-purchase, brand loyalty and advocacy.

The programmes help managers to:


CTMA’s tracking programmes are specifically designed to provide management with regular feedback on service performance.  They are immediately actionable, allowing the manager to review the results quickly as part of their routine performance management process and plan remedial actions with minimum effort.