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Welcome to CTMA...


Helping to make our clients more successful with better ways of measuring and managing customer experience

CTMA is serious about helping to make its clients more successful with their customers

Our Clients:

Aware that their success depends on continued loyalty from their customers and staff

Our Research:

Turning satisfaction measurement into management actions for profit and growth

Our Consulting:

Making it easier for our clients' customers to do business with them

Our Workshops:

Providing a 'jump-start' toward customer-driven performance improvement

Industry Baselines:

Industry-wide studies of customer experience, identifying barriers to satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy

Our Methods:

Based on more than
20 years experience helping clients around the world to improve service to customers

Service Benchmarking:

Identifying operational characteristics that produce the best business outcomes


Many organisations invest heavily measuring customer satisfaction. CTMA has developed customer experience measurement tools, methodologies and feedback systems that help those who want to manage and  improve satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

We help organisations that strive to retain their best customers and employees. They seek to discover and fix the problems their customers experience and find out why loyalty and advocacy may be at risk.

A few words about our website:

This website contains a collection of articles, reference materials,  and tools we have developed that relate to the work we do.

If anything here is of interest to you, or if there is something CTMA can do to help make you and your organisation more successful, please get in touch.  You'll be doing us a favour because we'll be interested in you too.  We can easily arrange a time for an initial discussion (or even a casual chat) by phone, by Skype or in person.

What we do (also in a few words):

CTMA is a service quality improvement firm that provides a range of consulting and customer satisfaction research services.  We help organisations build loyalty and advocacy by improving service to customers.

Our customer-driven product and service quality improvement programmes encompass five key organisational strategies:

  • Making it easy for customers and staff to do business

  • Making it easy for customers to make contact with questions and concerns

  • Responding to customers’ questions and concerns

  • Learning from customers what you do well and how to improve

  • Enabling customer-driven innovation and change


Our customer experience baseline research produces clearly actionable findings that focus on the profitability of good service and the cost of poor service.  It helps organisations identify sources of customer dissatisfaction, prioritise remedial actions and improve their service to customers.

Our tracking programmes and feedback systems support the ongoing management of specific customer processes. They help organisations actively manage customer satisfaction and loyalty upwards by providing service quality visibility at the level of individual staff members, service types, departments or sub-contractors, retail outlets, airline routes or hotel locations.

CTMA's methodologies are dedicated to customer-driven value creation.  They help organisations systematically identify the problems their customers experience, measure and manage customer satisfaction and loyalty and get bottom-line benefits by improving their service to customers.


The ultimate source of every penny for an organisation is its customers

Economic Drivers:

Measuring customer and employee satisfaction in financial terms

Customer Strategies:

Building customers and employees into product and service quality improvement

Contact Us:

"If something on our site has been of interest or if we can help your organisation, please contact us"

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If you’d like to “meet” for a discussion, in person, or by phone, or via Skype, please let us know.

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CTMA founder: Paul Linnell

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Who we are:

CTMA was founded in 2002 by Paul Linnell.  Paul has provided consulting and advisory services in customer care, customer experience management, voice of the customer programmes, customer-driven quality and customer relationship management since 1990, working for clients in a wide range of industries in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, our time zone leads the world.  Our working day overlaps nicely with morning and early afternoon in Australia, afternoon in America and early morning in Europe.  So whatever, wherever, or whenever, you are, we are ready to help with your customer challenges too.