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The customer service function and service quality improvement initiatives are often undervalued, and hence, invariably under-funded. One of the key reasons for this is the difficulty many experience in expressing the return on customer service investment in financial terms. These pages contain a collection of tools and resource to help address this topic.

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The cost of poor service:

Elsewhere on this site we have summarised five key economic truths that quantify the real costs of poor service. This is the first step on the road towards building a customer-driven enterprise. These principals form the foundation to the tools and calculators discussed below:


Tools and calculators

The tools and calculators contained on these pages can help to provide an estimate of what your customers are worth, the revenue that might be at-risk in your organisation from current levels of customer satisfaction, the cost of multiple customer call-backs that arises when customer expectations are not met, and the cost of inaction arising from failing to fix a recurring problem.

You may have access to company-specific research data of your own, but where not, we have populated the calculators with data from some of our industry-wide studies. By running these calculators with some of your own company’s data the foundation to a company-specific model can be constructed that can help guide investments in service quality.

If you don’t have your own values for the research data shown in the model, feel free to use the generic data we have supplied, but please consider having us conduct a customer experience baseline study for you in the near future so you will be able to do more accurate modeling.

CTMA works closely with clients to develop client-specific financial modes as part of its customer experience baseline research. Through sensitivity analysis, these models can help identify where investment in customer service might yield the best returns.


Tools and calculators

Lifetime value


Revenue at risk


Cost of call-backs


Cost of Inaction


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