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Service management challenges

Today, more than ever, businesses and public sector organisations are under pressure to reduce costs and downsize resources to remain profitable or operate within their budgets. Meanwhile, customers are becoming more sophisticated with increasing expectations, and markets offer customers increased competition and easier ways to switch supplier.

Many service functions become overstretched and undervalued and often become the first target in cost-reduction programmes


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In this environment, the service functions of many organisations find themselves overstretched and undervalued and often become the first target in cost-reduction programmes.

Through our benchmarking and consulting work we commonly observe three key service management challenges that contribute to this:

These factors form key challenges for service management and barriers for success for any organisation in today’s difficult economic climate. Now, more than ever, private and public sector organisations must empower service management to build a customer-driven enterprise that can remove these barriers, seek out and fix the problems that customers experience and outperform their competition.

Strategies for building a customer-driven enterprise:

With effective planning, guidance and executive commitment, an organisation can make the transition from being at the mercy of these challenges to actively managing customer experience and creating value for its customers

To support such transformations CTMA has developed a portfolio of customer experience measurement tools, methodologies and feedback systems. Underpinning these services is a comprehensive framework for customer-driven value creation that provides organisations with a consistent and measurable business improvement strategy.

Many organisations regard customer feedback and complaints as an “inconvenience” and satisfaction research as no more than a form of “marketing intelligence”. In doing so they fail to capitalise on the opportunity of using customer feedback as a management tool to improve their products, their services and their business.

CTMA has identified six important steps an organisation must take in order to fully exploit these opportunities, turn customer feedback into management actions, build an effective force against service management challenges and a defence against customer dissatisfaction.


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