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CX Baseline

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Feedback Channels

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Our services help to drive service quality improvement and customer experience management programmes. We provide tools, techniques and guidance to help organisations learn more from their customers and make it easy for customers to give feedback. We help organisations identify sources of customer dissatisfaction, prioritise remedial actions, turn satisfaction measurement into management actions and build customer loyalty and advocacy.

Leadership training, coaching, webinars and events
(online and

The new urgency to get customer experience right, in a world recovering from a global health crisis, places even more emphasis on bringing the right skills, to the right people, to do the right things, at the right time.  There is no longer the luxury of letting them figure it all out for themselves.

CTMA leadership training, coaching, webinars, podcasts and events provide a ‘jump-start’ for management on the road toward reaping the benefits of customer-driven performance improvement. They can be delivered “in-house” or online, tailored for specific industries and organisations, or presented to larger groups from multiple organisations.  They can also be adapted to be incorporated into industry conference programmes as 45 minute primers or a series of full-day workshops. 


Leadership training and coaching


Establishing a customer experience baseline
Identify risk, risks and remedies

Establishing a customer experience baseline helps to identify and quantify current sources of customer dissatisfaction, estimate potential returns on service investment and sets customer-driven improvement priorities for action and change.

CTMA’s customer experience assessments and baseline studies help to identify, justify and prioritise strategic and tactical improvement opportunities, and forge a solid foundation for positive change.


Customer experience baseline


Take a customer response effectiveness snapshot


Effectively responding to customers when they make contact is vital for any organisation - whether it’s to answer a simple question, solve a complex problem, or to deal with a complaint.  If you’ve not yet established an ongoing measurement programme to support your customer response process, our “Customer Response Effectiveness Snapshot” will help provide an initial measure of your customer response effectiveness, highlight current strengths and identify potential improvement opportunities.




customer experience transformations

Focusing enterprise energy on achieving customer-driven outcomes for success, needs determined leadership, a strong customer-driven framework, and external support and guidance where required.

CTMA’s frameworks and consulting services help to establish transition roadmaps and plans, and provide the drive to bring about the positive change to turn your customer experience vision into a customer experience reality.




Driving ongoing customer experience performance

Ongoing customer insights act as a feedback control mechanism to maintain service quality and drive continuous improvement.

CTMA’s ongoing measurement programmes, underpinned by our leadership coaching and support, provide the disciplined management framework and tools needed to turn ongoing customer experience measurement, and customer feedback, into management actions.

Driving ongoing performance


Customer feedback channels

To support these strategies, CTMA has developed and manage a number of online customer feedback channels that provide organisations with systematic and cost-effective feedback from their customers.

These online voice of the customer feedback channels:

  • Make it easy for customer to provide feedback
  • Help recover potentially lost loyalty and advocacy
  • Help organisations learn more from their customers.
Feedback channels


COVID-19 recovery

The unprecedented challenges now facing business and public services to maintain customer satisfaction, retain customer support and prepare their organisations for recovery from the COVID-19 crisis has brought a new urgency to get customer experience right.

Organisations will need every advantage to win, keep, and grow a loyal customer-base.  Over the coming months, competitors will be released from their period of confinement, and customers will demand the best from their suppliers.

In response, we are now delivering our masterclass, workshops and one-on-one executive planning and coaching sessions directly to you and your team - in your own meeting room, at your own desk or home office, in the form of live personalised online events.

If you are preparing your organisation for recovery now, please get in touch so we can schedule a call to discuss your specific needs and ways we can help.

Let’s talk - please contact us to schedule some time for an introductory discussion.

 Depending on your location and time zone, we can meet in person, or by phone, or online via Zoom Meeting or Skype.

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