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Driving ongoing CX performance
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Ongoing insights from customer experience should act as a feedback control mechanism to maintain service quality and drive continuous improvement.  CTMA’s ongoing measurement programmes, underpinned by our leadership coaching and support, provide the disciplined management framework and tools needed to turn ongoing customer experience measurement, and customer feedback, into management actions.

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Many organisations limit customer experience measurement to an annual or quarterly “market research” survey.  However professional these may be, they often lack the operational actionability to identify performance shortfalls soon enough, or with enough specificity, for management to take appropriate action.

CTMA’s ongoing measurement programmes report customer experience to the level at which remedial actions need to be taken.  In addition to managing the measurement process, CTMA provides the leadership coaching, briefings and ongoing support necessary to help drive ongoing performance and continuous improvement.

Ongoing customer experience tracking programmes

Tracking ProgrammesCTMA’s ongoing customer experience tracking programmes function as an operational management tool, looking inwardly to monitor and support the management and service quality improvement of specific customer processes, touchpoints and interactions such as those in call centres, financial services, local government, retail networks, passenger travel, hospitality etc.

Monitoring satisfaction with service, transactions, relationships and brands, the programmes focus on management outcomes to track and manage performance against key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty to reduce the number of problems experienced by customers and to increase re-purchase, brand loyalty and advocacy.

The programmes help managers to:


CTMA’s tracking programmes are specifically designed to provide management with regular feedback on customer experience.  They are immediately actionable, allowing the manager to review the results quickly as part of their routine performance management process and plan remedial actions with minimum effort.

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