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Old phoneSince the invention of the telephone more than a century ago, its use has slowly penetrated our society and changed the business and private lives of people the world over.  But more recently and more rapidly, the mobile phone and the Internet have completely changed the way we communicate, the way we do business and even the way we plan and live our lives.

This dramatic social change has brought significant customer service challenges to an industry now striving to keep pace with the increasing expectations of its own customers.



“The phone company” is no longer just about phones and a phone is no longer just a handy way to communicate.





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A social, technical and economic revolution:

“The phone company” is no longer just about telephones, and a phone is no longer just a convenient way to communicate. One by one, the products and services offered by telecommunications companies have transitioned from the curios of the wealthy to the tools of every trade.

Delivering this change has placed telecommunications companies at the leading edge of the consumer electronics industry. The ease of use of their products, and the accessibility and reliability of their services can have a dramatic impact on the business and private lives of their customers.

Customers no longer see “outages” as an inconvenient symptom of a pioneering technology. They expect telecommunications companies to provide the reliability and service to match a new dependency. This transition has brought significant additional risks and challenges to an industry already faced with the aggressive business environment of the 21st century - reduced margins, increased competition and the increased ease with which customers can make their dissatisfaction public knowledge, and change their supplier.

The challenge for telecommunications companies is to combine their technological and business expertise with the growing need for a customer service vision that will build their future success on the success they help bring to their customers.

Meeting the challenges of a new customer paradigm:

This new customer paradigm can only be achieved by applying the same degree of discipline and determination that telecommunication companies have applied to the technology revolution. However, building a customer-driven organisation requires a different set of tools, techniques and strategies from those needed to build a digital exchange or a cellular network.

The toolset for customer experience management requires a business model that places the value that the business offers its customers, and the value its customers offer the business, at its centre. Surrounding this core are the activities that effectively manage customer experience, adding value for the customer, and hence returning value to the business.

Telecommunications companies that successfully combine a robust customer-driven business model with enterprise-wide commitment to the transformation will be best positioned to take industry leadership with customer AND technology services.