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Satisfied customers come back time-and-time-again, and they often encourage their friends and colleagues to do the same.  But in many retail businesses, when customers experience a problem, they may never come back again – and the bad word can soon get around!  Customers often tell between five and ten other people about their bad experiences.


Satisfied customers come back time-and-time-again, but when customers experience a problem, they may never come back again – and the bad word can soon get around!



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One of the biggest challenges to the retail industry is finding out when something has gone wrong.  When customers complain you get a chance to put things right and make sure it never happens again.  But research shows that you probably only hear from about 5% of the customers who experience problems.

Very often, customers who experience a problem in a retail environment either don’t know where to complain, or they simply don't want to create a fuss.

Obtaining actionable customer feedback is even harder across a large chain of outlets or in a franchise operation.  Senior management seldom has the luxury to monitor customer experience at every outlet or branch.  Although mystery shopping can help, it  is often limited by infrequency of visits and the sheer costs involved in inspecting and reporting on every branch, several times a day.

CTMA has identified four significant limitations that often arise with satisfaction research, mystery shopping and interceptor surveys in the retail industry:

The challenge for many retail businesses is to obtain systematic and cost-effective feedback that can identify just where their service strengths are, and where there are opportunities for improvement.

CTMA has developed and manages a number of online customer feedback channels that provide particularly powerful benefits to the retail industry and provide organisations with systematic and cost-effective feedback from their customers.

These voice of the customer solutions, help make it easy for customer to provide feedback and help organisations learn more from their customers.  Combined with our other research and consulting services, they can bring clear branch-level insights to individual retail businesses, retail chains and franchise operations.

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