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Episode 007

It’s time to stop juggling – start creating value

Getting CX Right with CTMA, a podcast series with Paul Linnell 

The world changed in 2020 and it forced businesses, their staff and their customers, to each recalibrate the needs, the value, and the loyalties of their relationships. We’ve been seeing businesses, public services, staff, and customers, all coping with EXTREMES - and many, stepping into unknown territory to go the extra mile to HELP one another.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

In this episode, I want us to look at THE BIG PICTURE of why customer experience has become so important today, and why - “It’s time to stop juggling, and start creating value”

It’s taken a global crisis to re-focus businesses and public services on creating genuine value instead of the old way of simply juggling the needs of the business, against the needs of customers and against the needs of staff - a situation, where in the end – NOBODY wins!

It’s time to start creating genuine value with organisations adopting deliberate outward-facing strategies, that provide valued products and services, delivered by engaged and knowledgeable staff, empowered to meet and sometimes exceed the needs, wants and expectations of customers - resulting in mutually assured success.

As the world embarks on a protracted journey of recovery, this shift towards value-centred relationships has created a new urgency for organisations to build a more sustainable environment that aligns the needs to the business, with the needs of customers, and the needs of staff, to create more genuine relationships – focused on creating mutual value and driving mutual success.

Organisations, that will do well in the future, will be those that have learned from this change and avoid falling back into the ways of the past.

In this episode we draw a big picture to represent this change, and consider a five step transition programme to “stop juggling, and start creating value”.

Practice guide

We’ve prepared a short CTMA Practice Guide that captures the BIG PICTURE we discuss in this episode.

“Creating Value for Business, Customers and Staff” describes the shift from inward-facing strategies that create negative forces that drive distance between the organisation, its customers and staff - towards outward-facing strategies that create positive forces of attraction between the organisation, its customers and staff. 

  Creating Value for Business, Customers and Staff

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Also mentioned in this episode

Next Episode: #008: Questions your Leadership Team needs to get Answered - even if they haven’t yet asked

Next Episode >Many big businesses and public services today have adopted an approach to customer feedback and measurement that only produces a proxy performance score that’s hard to translate into dollars, and often fails to identify what went well and where things went wrong with customer experience.

In this episode I want to close the measurement gap by offering a set of baseline questions your leadership team needs to get answered – even if they haven’t yet asked!  And indeed, if you are a member of the leadership team, these are the key customer experience questions you should be asking.  The answers to these questions will empower your leadership team to give your customer experience improvement programme the energy and support it deserves.


About Paul Linnell

Paul LinnellPaul Linnell is a customer experience and service quality improvement champion, working internationally with senior managers and their teams to help them achieve business success, reduce risk and build customer loyalty and advocacy by taking actions to improve customer experiences.  Paul specialises in the design and deployment of customer experience measurement, service quality improvement, complaints handling and preventive analysis programmes. Industries he has worked with include, Automotive, Consumer electronics, Consumer goods, Electricity & Gas retail, Financial services, Information technology, Local Government and Public Sector, Media / Publishing, Passenger travel (Rail, Air and Sea), Pharmaceuticals and Telecommunication. Paul has worked with clients and presented on these subject at conferences and corporate events in the UK, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.  Originally from the UK and now based in New Zealand, he continues to serve clients globally.

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