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Hotel: Making it easy for customers to complain

If we donít hear about the problems our customers experience, we donít get the chance to put things right.

We all know from personal experience that itís not easy to make a complaint.

From our own research at CTMA we have learned that some of the most common reasons customers give for not contacting a company about the problems they experience are:

Well, one hotel I stayed in recently came up with a brilliant and simple idea to combat these barriers.

They place a small pad of yellow sticky notes in each room.  The Sticky Yellowpad is pre-printed with a message encouraging customers to write down anything that needs to be put right and to stick the note on the TV when they leave the room.

This really simple and inexpensive device makes it easy for customers to report a problem and also easy for the hotel to take action.

It also gives a clear message that the hotel actually wants to hear from its customers if they experience problems and it has a process for putting things right.


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About the author: Paul Linnell

Paul LinnellPaul Linnell is a service improvement champion, working internationally with senior managers and their teams to help them achieve business success, reduce risk and build customer loyalty and advocacy by improving service to customers.  Paul specialises in the design and deployment of customer experience measurement, service quality improvement, complaints handling and preventive analysis programmes.  For most of his career he has worked in Europe and North America and for the past 10 years Paul has been based in New Zealand, continuing to serve clients globally.

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