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WorkshopsThe ultimate success of a customer experience improvement programme depends on the effective development and nurturing of leadership, skills, collaboration and engagement of everyone in the organisation (including those who “face” the customer, and those who support them).

The new urgency to get customer experience right, in a world recovering from a global health crisis, is placing even more emphasis on giving people the right skills, to do the right things, at the right time.

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If you are embarking on (or even partly through) a customer experience improvement programme, please get in touch now so we can schedule a call or Zoom Meeting to discuss your current challenges and ways we can help.

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In response to this challenge, in addition to our in-person services, we are now delivering our leadership programme, workshops and one-on-one executive planning and coaching sessions online - directly to you and your team - in your own meeting room, at your own desk or home office, in the form of live, group, or personalised online events and programmes. 

Opportunity exploration workshops and planning meetings

The challenge for senior leadership teams is often in how to identify the potential risks and opportunities from customer experience, how to define customer experience priorities, and how to establish an enterprise-wide vision that clarifies the purpose, and the steps to take, in creating great experiences for their customers.

Joining us for an opportunity exploration workshop or planning meeting, (in-person or online) can help to uncover more about the scope of your organisation’s current customer experience challenges risks and opportunities, identify priorities, and create a clear customer experience vision to underpin your organisation's future success.

Schedule a callSo if you’re preparing to meet the customer experience demands of a recovering world, or if you are already partly through a customer experience improvement programme, please get in touch so we can schedule a call to discuss your current challenges and ways we can help.  



Online leadership workshops and seminars

CTMA’s leadership workshops and seminars have provided a valuable “jumpstart” for senior managers and their teams for more than a decade.  Now, each of our topics is being offered live online, as individual half-day workshops and seminars.  They can be tailored for a specific industry and organisation.  Each event is delivered to a team (of up to five attendees) from a single organisation.  For each event:


Register Here for the ProgrammeFor a list of topics we currently cover and to register your interest in having us host a live online event for your organisation, please click here:



CTMA’s game-changing 22-week online training and coaching programme:

CTMA Framework for customer-driven value creationAdopting a customer-driven framework for
continuous improvement, innovation and value creation

Customer experience improvement programmes often begin well with good intentions, but then encounter a series of challenging obstacles along the path.  Some may be small and easy to resolve, others can be more substantial, bringing programmes to a halt or severely limiting their success.  Those that embark on this journey, without a clear strategic objective and roadmap, run the risk of wasting vast amounts of time and money chasing yet another trendy two or three letter acronym.

We've learned that the difference between success and failure in customer experience, is that lasting success requires a deliberate and serious commitment, framework and plan.

So, we’ve developed a deliberate and seriously game-changing 22-week training and coaching programme to help organisations build a successful customer experience improvement programme.  It draws from more than 30 years of our experience working with major organisations in the UK, Europe, the United States and New Zealand.  We'll share the challenges, pitfalls, solutions, joys and delights that we've experienced along the way.

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Ongoing support, and team and executive coaching

Even the best customer experience improvement programmes can under-perform, suffer distraction, and lose momentum.

To help organisations maintain programme freshness and keep pace with the changing needs wants and expectations of customers, CTMA can provide ongoing support with periodic visits, attend steering group meetings, act as interim programme champion, conduct customer service health-checks, and provide team and executive coaching and mentoring.

To explore these options, please contact us so we can schedule a call to discuss your current challenges and consider ways we can best help.

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Webinar series

Local government webinar:

Six key reasons why local government customer experience improvement programmes
get stuck, or fail to start – and how to get them unstuck!

Of the many obstacles encountered by local authorities that we’ve worked with over the past twenty years, we’ve identified the six most common challenges they encountered as they embarked on their customer experience improvement programmes.  If not properly resolved, these challenges become costly “boulders” – blocking the path to the programme’s success.  They become  a burden on staff and have a negative impact on public outcomes.  Join us for this webinar to learn:



About your facilitator: Paul Linnell

Paul LinnellOur events are led by CTMA's founder, and customer experience champion, Paul Linnell.  Paul works internationally with senior managers and their teams to help them achieve business success, reduce risk and build customer loyalty and advocacy by improving service to customers.  He specialises in the design and deployment of customer experience measurement, service quality improvement, complaints handling and preventive analysis programmes.

Paul has presented on these subject at conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars and corporate events in Australia, Belgium, Bahrain, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  For most of his career he has worked in Europe and North America and now Paul is based in New Zealand, continuing to serve clients globally.

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Selection of past events:

To arrange a more detailed discussion about any of our workshops or seminars, or for requests for conference speaking engagements, please contact us to schedule a call.

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