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Online and in-person leadership workshops and seminars
- live, interactive events

Our leadership workshops and seminars have provided a valuable “jumpstart” or “supercharge” for senior managers and their teams for more than a decade.  Now, we’re delighted to also bring these topics directly to you and your team in the form of live online events.

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To learn more about our online and in-person workshops and seminars, and to explore how we can help you address your customer experience challenges, please contact us to schedule a call or a Zoom Meeting.

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Interactive online events are delivered to you and your team (of up to five attendees from your organisation) as individual two-hour or half-day workshops or seminars.  In-person events can be half-day, full-day or multi-day events.  Because one size does not fit all, they are tailored for your specific industry and your current organisational needs.

What it involves: 

For each event:


Our topics draw from more than 30 years experience working with major organisations around the world in multiple industries to help them measure, manage and improve customer experience.  In our events we share a series of tools, tips, techniques, frameworks and guides to help you turn your customer experience vision into your customers’ experience reality.

The following is a selection of our seminar and workshop topics designed to help organisations develop and enhance their customer experience improvement programmes:

Strategy development

Six key reasons why customer experience improvement programmes
underperform, get stuck, or fail to start – and how to get them unstuck!

Of the many obstacles encountered by organisations we’ve worked with over the past twenty years, we’ve identified the six most common challenges they encountered as they embarked on their customer experience improvement programmes.  If not properly resolved, these challenges become costly “boulders” – blocking the path to the programme’s success.  They become  a burden on staff and have a negative impact on corporate objectives and customer outcomes.

In this seminar, we revisit these six “boulders”, help you to recognise their symptoms, and recommend remedies to mitigate their potential impact on your success.

Join us for this seminar to learn: 

  • How to justify investment in service quality improvement
  • How to effectively measure customer experience
  • How to set priorities for action
  • How to get everyone turning insights from customer feedback into actions for improvement
  • How to make continuous improvement, continuous


Opportunity exploration workshop:
Identifying current risks, opportunities, purpose, and a customer-driven vision

XThe challenge for senior leadership teams is often in how to identify the potential risks and opportunities from customer experience, how to define customer experience priorities, and how to establish an enterprise-wide vision that clarifies the purpose, and the steps to take, in creating great experiences for their customers.

Joining us for an opportunity exploration and planning workshop, (in-person or online) can help to uncover more about the scope of your organisation’s current customer experience challenges risks and opportunities, identify priorities, and create a clear customer experience vision to underpin your organisation's future success.


Clarity and vision workshop: “Exploring the Reality-Clarity Challenge”
Creating clarity of purpose, opportunity, and a customer-driven vision

Most agree that it’s nice to give customers a good experience, but there’s often a lack of clarity quantifying why it’s important, and justifying why it should be improved.

XIn this seminar we’ll explore why your organisation should bother about customer experience:

Topics include:

  • Cross-industry research quantifying the importance of good customer experiences
  • Clarifying and communicating your organisation’s customer experience objective
  • Justifying customer experience improvement in your organisation
  • Defining a vision for your organisation’s customer experience success


Customer excellence in the public sector:
“lip service”, or a reality worth pursuing?

Public SectorCustomer excellence is the mantra of central and local government, public health, education and many other public sector services.  But just how much of the public sector vision becomes a reality, when customers often have nowhere else to go, resources and funding is tight, and freedom to innovate is often rare and sometimes restricted by regulation?

This seminar considers the justification for investment in improving customer experience and service quality in the public sector.

Topics include: Defining your outcome objectives, and identifying risks of poor service.


Baseline measurement, assessment and planning

Measure and Assess:
Establishing your customer experience baseline with metrics that matter for your success

There’s no shortage of metrics used to measure customer experience, but unfortunately there’s often more discussion about “what numbers to use” than “what actions to take” to improve it.

BaselineThe wrong metrics often drive the wrong behaviours, and the wrong behaviours can lead to the wrong outcomes – for customers and the organisation.

In this seminar we’ll discuss the measurement of CX performance.
Topics include:

  • Natural misalignments that drive poor customer experiences
  • Defining your key performance outcome metrics
  • Defining your customer journey diagnostic metrics
  • Assessing your organisation’s current performance
  • Setting improvement priorities


Enterprise engagement and continuous improvement

FrameworkOperational framework overview:
The CTMA customer-driven framework for continuous improvement, innovation and value creation

It’s a major challenge to transform an organisation, its departmental and hierarchical mindset, its processes and disciplines into an enterprise that truly embraces customer excellence, and actively engages in collaborative continuous improvement and takes action to change.

In this seminar we provide an overview of the CTMA customer-driven framework for continuous improvement, innovation and value creation.  The framework consists of five key operational disciplines, focused on a central objective of creating value for customers, staff and the organisation.   It helps define the context, roles, responsibilities and activities that drive continuous improvement and deliver customer excellence.


Learning from customers:
first steps in preventive analysis, action taking and customer-driven quality

One of the best sources of business advice comes free of charge - from your customers!  However, most companies tend to treat customer feedback as an inconvenience and seldom manage to unlock the true value it can bring.

This seminar takes a look at how other organisations have developed product and service improvement initiatives from their analysis of customer complaint data and other sources of customer feedback.

It provides an opportunity to develop a customer-driven quality plan and to seek out quick-win opportunities in your own business.


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About your facilitator: Paul Linnell

Paul LinnellOur online and in-person leadership workshops and seminars are led by CTMA's founder, and customer experience champion, Paul Linnell.  Paul works internationally with senior managers and their teams to help them achieve business success, reduce risk and build customer loyalty and advocacy by improving service to customers.  He specialises in the design and deployment of customer experience measurement, service quality improvement, complaints handling and preventive analysis programmes.

Paul has worked with clients and presented on these subjects at conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars and corporate events in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Middle East, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  For most of his career he has worked in Europe and North America and now Paul is based in New Zealand, continuing to serve clients globally.

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