...turning the voice of the customer
into management actions


Turning the voice of the customer
into management action

Building customer loyalty and advocacy through customer excellence

CTMA is a customer experience and service quality improvement firm, working internationally with senior managers and their teams to help them achieve business success, reduce risk and build customer loyalty and advocacy.

We believe that customers are one of the best sources of insight for innovation and business improvement. Our job is to help organisations capture that insight and then turn it into transformative management actions.

  • Your customers are
    down there...

    ...using your products and services

    This makes them one of your
    best sources of insight
    for innovation and
    business improvement

  • Financial Services
    Retail banking
    Building customer loyalty and advocacy
    by using customer experience feedback
    for service-quality improvement:

    • Baseline measurement
    • Home loan and credit card applications
    • Issues resolution processes

  • Travel, tourism
    and hospitality
    Helping you become your
    customer’s first choice in travel,
    destination, accommodation, hospitality
    and entertainment:

    • Customer experience snapshots
    • Ongoing performance measurement
    • Encouraging customer feedback

  • Power Industry
    Electricity and gas retail
    Helping to build customer-driven brands
    by turning customer experience feedback
    into management actions:

    • Baseline measurement
    • Complaints handling monitoring
    • New connections and transfers

  • Local Government
    Managing Service Requests
    A scalable measurement framework
    for managing and improving service
    quality and performance from:

    • Contact centres
    • Request processes
    • Field staff
    • Sub-contractors

  • Local Government
    Consent & inspection services
    Supporting regulatory services by
    tracking service quality and providing
    actionable customer feedback:

    • Resource consents
    • Building consents
    • Inspection services



COVID-19 recovery - a new urgency to get customer experience right

The challenges now facing business and public services to maintain customer satisfaction, retain customer support and prepare their organisations for recovery from the COVID-19 crisis has brought a new urgency to get customer experience right.

Over the coming months, organisations will need every advantage to win, keep, and grow a loyal customer-base.  Competitors will be released from their period of confinement, and customers will demand the best from their suppliers.

In response, we are now delivering our one-on-one executive planning and coaching sessions, and the content of our masterclass and workshops, directly to you and your team - in your own meeting room, at your own desk or home office, in the form of live personalised online training programmes, events and meetings. 

more...If you are preparing your organisation for recovery now, please check out some of our currrent training programmes, or just get in touch so we can schedule an introductory call to discuss your specific needs and ways we can help you in your mission to get customer experience right.
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Ways we help to turn a customer experience vision into a customer experience reality:

Organisations hire us because we provide insights about their performance - from their customers’ perspective, and because we help them turn those insights into management actions to make them more successful.

Our training and consulting services help organisations develop their customer experience vision and establish a customer-driven framework for continuous improvement.  Our measurement services help to drive service quality improvement and customer experience management programmes by turning the voice of the customer into management actions.

The CX challenge

Everyone agrees that good customer experiences are important, but many have difficulty justifying the investment that’s needed to improve it and knowing just where to start.

Establishing a CX baseline

Establishing a customer experience baseline helps to identify and quantify current sources of customer dissatisfaction, estimate potential returns on service investment and sets customer-driven improvement priorities for action and change.


Identifying risk, risks & remedies:

CTMA’s customer experience assessments and baseline studies help to identify, justify and prioritise strategic and tactical improvement opportunities, and forge a solid foundation for the justification and planning of change.



Taking action to change

For many organisations the prospect of taking the first steps can be demanding, and finding the resources and skills to drive meaningful improvements can often be a barrier to positive change.

Managing CX transformation

Focusing enterprise energy on achieving customer-driven outcomes for success, needs determined leadership, a strong customer-driven framework, and an openness to obtaining external support and guidance where necessary to save time and cost.


Becoming customer-driven:

CTMA’s frameworks and consulting services help to establish transition roadmaps and plans, and provide the drive to bring about the positive change to turn your customer experience vision into a customer experience reality.




Keeping up the momentum

The need to keep pace with the changing needs, wants and expectations of customers, never ends.  The biggest challenge is often to keep continuous improvement “continuous”. 

Ongoing CX performance

Using systematic measurement and adhoc feedback to capture customer insights to act as a control mechanism can help the organisation maintain service quality, measure ongoing performance and energise continuous improvement.


Ongoing measurement:

CTMA’s ongoing measurement programmes, underpinned by our leadership coaching and support, provide the disciplined management framework and tools to turn ongoing customer feedback into management actions.




The “where”, “why”, “what” and “how” of CTMA - the movie



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