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Adopting aCTMA Framework for customer-driven value creation
framework for
continuous improvement,
innovation and value creation

Wherever you are on the “customer experience” journey, the challenge is how to turn “CX”, or “CEM”, from being just another passing popular term or new job title, into a strategic enterprise-wide agent for business improvement and change.

Of those organisations that set out along the journey of customer experience enlightenment, many only reach half-way.  Those that embark on this journey, without a clear strategic objective and roadmap, run the risk of wasting vast amounts of time and money chasing yet another trendy two or three letter acronym.

Now, more than ever, organisations must build a customer-driven enterprise that can remove barriers to business, seek out and fix the problems that customers experience, excel at service delivery and outperform their competition.

This one-day masterclass draws from more than 25 years experience working with major organisations in the UK, Europe, the United States and New Zealand, to help them turn their customer experience vision into a customer experience reality.  It presents a series of frameworks, blueprints and guides to help you achieve these goals too.

What it involves:

The masterclass provides an interactive environment that:

Who should attend:

This event is for senior managers and teams who are leading the customer experience revolution in their organisation.


The masterclass provides a practical framework to help you turn your customer experience vision into a profitable and cost-effective customer experience reality.

Masterclass schedule and fees:

We offer a special “Early Bird” rate for early registrations received more than 30 days prior to an event.

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“Early Bird” rate:

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Auckland, New Zealand (postponed)

NZ $970 (+GST)

NZ $1,270 (+GST)


Christchurch, New Zealand (postponed)

NZ $970 (+GST)

NZ $1,270 (+GST)


Auckland, New Zealand (postponed)

NZ $970 (+GST)

NZ $1,270 (+GST)


Christchurch, New Zealand (postponed)

NZ $970 (+GST)

NZ $1,270 (+GST)


London, United Kingdom (postponed)

UK£ 670

UK£ 870


Dublin, Ireland (postponed)

€ 770

€ 970

COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak - alternative arrangements

Due to the global spread and public risk from COVID-19 novel coronavirus, we regret that we have had to suspend our upcoming programme of public and in-house events in the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand.  Our apologies to those who were hoping to attend one of these events during the coming months.

Live personalised online events

However, in response to the unprecedented challenges many organisations are currently facing to maintain customer satisfaction, and the current urgency to maximise customer retention, we have established the capacity to deliver the same masterclass directly to you and your team in your own meeting room or at your own desk, in the form of a live personalised online event.

To schedule a live personalised online event for you and your team, or if you would like us to contact you when we resume our public events and in-house programmes after the “all-clear” is sounded, please contact us to register your interest and schedule a call. 


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Registration for a public event: (Schedule suspended)

Limited number of delegates

To maintain an interactive and productive environment, each masterclass will be limited to approximately 10 delegates.

Please be sure to register in good time.

Taking part

To take part in this exclusive one-day masterclass: “Adopting a customer-driven framework for continuous improvement, innovation and value creation”, please complete the registration form and we’ll get in touch to discuss the event with you in more detail.


The participation fee will be invoiced upon registration and is payable prior to the event.

The fee includes: Masterclass Workbook, Morning tea/coffee, Lunch, and Afternoon tea/coffee


Having registered, if you are unable to attend, we will happily refund 80% of the fee if you can let us know earlier that two weeks before the event.  Alternatively, we would welcome a substitute delegate.

If CTMA needs to reschedule the event, we will offer registered delegates their choice of a full refund, or a place at a future rescheduled workshop.

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If you would like to arrange a more detailed discussion about the event prior to registration, or if you would like to discuss an in-house masterclass on your premises, please contact us to schedule a call.

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About your facilitator: Paul Linnell

Paul LinnellOur events are led by CTMA's founder, and customer experience champion, Paul Linnell.  Paul works internationally with senior managers and their teams to help them achieve business success, reduce risk and build customer loyalty and advocacy by improving service to customers.  He specialises in the design and deployment of customer experience measurement, service quality improvement, complaints handling and preventive analysis programmes.

Paul has presented on these subjects at conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars and corporate events in Australia, Belgium, Bahrain, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  For most of his career he has worked in Europe and North America and now Paul is based in New Zealand, continuing to serve clients globally.

View Paul Linnell's profile on LinkedIn


About CTMA New Zealand Ltd

CTMA is a customer experience and service quality improvement firm providing advisory and measurement services to help public and private sector organisations improve service to customers.  In addition to its work with individual clients, CTMA also conducts industry-wide customer experience baseline studies in sectors such as retail banking, telecommunications, electricity and gas supply companies, and local government services.