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Special arrangements during COVID-19 outbreak and recovery


Prepare for business recovery with a “jumpstart” on the road toward reaping the benefits of customer-driven performance improvement

The unprecedented challenges now facing business and public services to maintain customer satisfaction, retain customer support and prepare their organisations for recovery from the COVID-19 crisis has brought a new urgency to get customer experience right.

Organisations will need every advantage to win, keep, and grow a loyal customer-base.  Over the coming months, competitors will be released from their period of confinement, and customers will demand the best from their suppliers.

In response, we are now delivering our masterclass, workshops and one-on-one executive planning and coaching sessions directly to you and your team - in your own meeting room, at your own desk or home office, in the form of live personalised online events.

If you are preparing your organisation for recovery now, please get in touch so we can schedule a call to discuss your specific needs and ways our four-part online seminar can help.  During the call we can identify who you would like to attend, and schedule a time and duration for the event(s).  Following the call we’ll prepare an event proposal for your review and approval.

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Four-part online seminar “Adopting a customer-driven framework for recovery”

A programme of four, 90-minute, online seminars using a series of frameworks, blueprints and guides to help you establish customer-driven value creation as your new business-as-usual strategy.

Seminar 1:

Explores why customer experience matters to the success of your organisation and its customers, and how poor service impacts your costs and bottom line.

Seminar 2:

Delves into the five key disciplines of the CTMA customer-driven framework for continuous improvement and value creation.

Seminar 3:

Examines how to establish a customer experience baseline, determine the return on investment and set priorities for improvement.

Seminar 4:

Building your roadmap for turning the voice-of-your-customers into actions for future success.


About your facilitator: Paul Linnell

Paul LinnellOur events are led by CTMA's founder, and customer experience champion, Paul Linnell.  Paul works internationally with senior managers and their teams to help them achieve business success, reduce risk and build customer loyalty and advocacy by improving service to customers.  He specialises in the design and deployment of customer experience measurement, service quality improvement, complaints handling and preventive analysis programmes.

Paul has presented on these subject at conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars and corporate events in Australia, Belgium, Bahrain, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  For most of his career he has worked in Europe and North America and now Paul is based in New Zealand, continuing to serve clients globally.

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Leadership workshops, seminars & conference speaking
(Schedule suspended during COVID-19 outbreak)

CTMA workshops, seminars and master classes are for senior managers and teams leading the customer experience revolution. Delivered as public events, tailored stand-alone sessions or as part of our business transformation consulting engagements, the workshops and seminars provide a valuable “jump start” on the road to reaping the benefits of customer-driven performance improvement.

Due to the global spread and public risk from COVID-19 novel coronavirus, we have had to suspend our programme of public and in-house events.  Our apologies to those who were hoping to attend one during the coming months.  If you would like us to contact you when we resume our public events and in-house programmes after the “all-clear” is sounded, please let us know and we’ll keep you informed of progress.  But if you are preparing your organisation for recovery now, we would love you to join us in our live personalised online events.

Workshops can be tailored for specific industries, delivered in-house for an individual organisation or presented to wider groups from multiple organisations. Our seminars can also be incorporated into industry conference programmes as 45 minute primers or run as a series of full-day workshops.

Public and In-House Events (usually limited to about 10 places per event)

One-day Leadership Masterclass:

Adopting a customer-driven framework for
continuous improvement, innovation and value creation

CTMA FrameworkWherever you are on the “customer experience” journey, the challenge is how to turn “CX”, or “CEM” from being just another passing popular term or new job title, into a strategic enterprise-wide agent for business improvement and change.

Of those organisations that set out along the journey of customer experience enlightenment, many only reach half-way.  Those that embark on a CX or CEM journey, without a clear strategic objective and roadmap, run the risk of wasting vast amounts of time and money chasing yet another trendy three letter acronym. 

Now, more than ever, organisations must build a customer-driven enterprise that can remove barriers to business, seek out and fix the problems that customers experience, excel at service delivery and outperform their competition.

This one-day masterclass workshop draws from more than 20 years experience working with major corporates to help them turn their customer experience vision into a customer experience reality.  It presents a series of frameworks, blueprints and guides to help you achieve these goals too.

Masterclass schedule and fees:

We schedule Masterclass events several months in advance and offer an “Early Bird” rate for registrations received more than 30 days prior to an event.  For more details, the latest schedule, and registration information, please click here:

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...or, for an “in-house” event - please contact us for more details

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Selection of other topics

Bottom line benefits and ROI

Quantifying the bottom-line benefits of improved customer experiences 

Justifying investment in service quality improvement and customer experience management is often a struggle.  However, all is not lost!

Using a combination of case studies, benchmarks and research, this workshop will help you develop a business case for CEM.  It will provide insights into why good customer experiences are important, and how they should be measured.

The workshop examines the myths and realities of customer satisfaction, how to calculate the cost of poor service and estimate potential returns on service investment, and how to implement profitable service improvement strategies.

It provides participants with an approach to incorporating customer experience measurement into continuous business improvement.

(Typical duration: 1 day)

Local Government

Using customer feedback to improve council services and reduce costs

Local councils are emerging from an old paradigm of an “annual residents’ survey”, towards a more cost-effective and actionable approach to capturing customer feedback.

This workshop, developed specifically for local government, explores the limitations that often arise in measurement and identifies how to resolve them.  It will help local councils define their measurement objectives, identify desired outcomes and establish a scalable framework for measuring customer experience and managing service quality.

The workshop examines local government’s service-management challenges, how to design an actionable measurement programme to reduce wasted costs, identify service failures and improve internally and externally resourced service delivery processes.

(Typical duration: 1 day)

Customer-driven quality

Learning from customers - first steps in preventive analysis and customer-driven quality

One of the best sources of business advice comes free of charge - from your customers!

However, most companies tend to treat customer feedback as an inconvenience and seldom manage to unlock the true value it can bring.

This workshop takes a look at how other organisations have developed product and service improvement initiatives from their analysis of customer complaint data and other sources of customer feedback.

It provides an opportunity to develop a customer-driven quality plan and to seek out quick-win opportunities in your own business.

(Typical duration: 1 day)

Contact centre management

Tracking and managing customer satisfaction in call centres - and beyond!

This workshop for call centre managers and team leaders is designed to compliment CTMA's call centre satisfaction tracking and appraisal research services.

It focuses on how to interpret customer satisfaction feedback, where to look for corroborative information and how to turn diagnostic evaluations into actionable performance improvement initiatives that challenge and motivate customer service staff.

(Typical duration: 1 day)

Complaints management

Obtaining the best business benefits from customer complaints

One of the most stressful jobs in the corporate world is handling customer complaints.  It can also often be one of the most rewarding too. Rewarding for the customer when their problem is solved, rewarding for the employee who turns around an unhappy customer and receives their thanks, and rewarding for the organisation that wins back a grateful customer.

In this seminar we discuss key elements that underpin an effective customer complaints strategy.

(Typical duration: 1 day)

Public Sector

Customer excellence in the public sector  - “lip service”, or a reality worth perusing?

Customer excellence is the mantra of central and local government, public health, education and many other public sector services - but just how much of the public sector vision becomes a reality, when customers often have nowhere else to go, resources and funding is tight, and freedom to innovate is often rare?

This seminar considers the justification for investment in improving customer experience and service quality in the public sector.

(Typical duration: 1 day)


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To arrange a more detailed discussion about any of our workshops or seminars, or for requests for conference speaking engagements, please contact us to schedule a call.

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Selection of past events:

Public events:

  • Masterclass: “Adopting a customer-driven framework for continuous improvement, innovation and value creation”
    (SOCAP Australia: September 2019, Sydney, Australia)
  • Speaker: “Using Voice of Customer to Drive Continuous Improvement”
    (SOCAP Australia: 29th Annual Symposium - August 2019, Sydney, Australia)
  • Masterclass: “Turning the voice-of-the-customer into management actions”
    (Conferenz: May 2019, Auckland, NZ)
  • Speaker: “Success in the Telco Industry: A partnership between technical and customer excellence”
    (Conferenz: Telco and Digital Futures Conference - March 2019, Auckland, NZ)
  • Masterclass: “Continuous improvement, innovation and value creation with a CX framework”
    (Conferenz: The Customer Summit 2018, Auckland, NZ)
  • Masterclass: “Adopting a customer-driven framework for continuous improvement, innovation and value creation”
    (CTMA - Various venues 2017 - 2018)
  • Speaker: “Improve service and reduce costs: The public sector panacea”
    (Conferenz: Customer 3.1 Conference - May 2017, Auckland, NZ)
  • Seminar: “How to improve the effectiveness of complaints handling”
    (CCiNZ - CTMA / Learning Planet - Jun 2016, Auckland, NZ)
  • Workshop: “CEM strategy: Developing a practical framework to turn customer experience vision into customer experience reality”
    (Conferenz: Customer 3.1 Post-Conference - May 2016, Auckland, NZ)
  • Speaker: “How much is your business undermined by your customers’ experiences?”
    (Conferenz: Customer 3.1 Conference - May 2016, Auckland, NZ)
  • Speaker: “Customer experience - what’s my number”
    (Conferenz: Customer 3.1 Conference - May 2015, Auckland, NZ)
  • Speaker: “Transforming Voice of the Customer Analytics into Management Action”
    (Conferenz: Customer 3.1 Conference - May 2015, Auckland, NZ)
  • Masterclass: “Developing a practical framework to turn customer experience vision into customer experience reality”
    (cemNZ / Midas Infomedia - Jun 2014, Wellington, NZ) (cemNZ - Apr 2014, Auckland, NZ)
  • Post-conference workshop: “Justifying investment in customer experience and service improvement”
    (Conferenz: Customer Conference - May 2014, Auckland, NZ)
  • Speaker: “Building a Framework for Customer-Driven Value Creation”
    (Conferenz: Young at Heart Conference - Mar 2014, Auckland, NZ)
  • Local Government Workshop: “Defining a council-wide strategy for measuring and managing service quality”
    (cemNZ - Feb 2014, Auckland, NZ)
  • Speaker: “Customer Experience - Success or Failure of Digital Self Service”
    (Conferenz: Digital Self Service Conference - Sep/Oct 2013, Auckland, NZ)
  • The 2013 New Zealand Customer Conference
    (Conferenz - 29-30 and 31 May 2013, Auckland, NZ)
  • Contact centre managers' summit
    (Rapid Results - Auckland, NZ)
  • Customer Experience Conference
    (Conferenz - Auckland, NZ)
  • Masterclass: "Voice of the Customer to Management Action"
    (Conferenz, Auckland, NZ)
  • NZ-SOCAP seminar: Customer Satisfaction Tracking
    (Auckland, NZ)
  • University of Gent: Business leaders’ workshop
    (Gent, Belgium)
  • Noordelijke Hogeschool Business School: Speaker and guest lecturer
    (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands)
  • Marcus Evans call centre conference: “Preventive analysis”
    (London, England)
  • Marcus Evans conference:
    (Melbourne, Australia)
  • ALGIM conference: Local government customer service
    (New Plymouth, NZ)
  • SOCAP Technology Forum
    (Washington, DC, USA)
  • Speaker: “Is your business success undermined by your customers’ experiences?”
    (IQPC Customer Experience Excellence 2016 Conference - Nov 2016, Wellington, NZ)
  • World Congress for TQM conference
    (Wellington, NZ)

Public webinars:

  • Professional development webinar: “Improve financial performance with an effective Customer Experience Improvement Strategy”
    (Wolters Kluwer - CCH New Zealand 2018)
  • Banking industry webinar: “Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty - Can you bank on it?”
    (Resolve Software, March & April 2016)
  • Power industry webinar: “Switching on to your Customers”
    (Resolve Software, June 2015)
  • Keynote speaker: “Effective Complaints Handling and Case Management - How it Pays!”
    (Resolve Software & Eccentex, June 2013)

Corporate events:

  • Masterclass: “Adopting a customer-driven framework for continuous improvement, innovation and value creation”
    (Presented as a 1-day “in-house” event for a range of individual organisations in: Retail Banking, Power Industry, Local Government etc.)
  • Provender: “Meeting the service management challenge”
    (Auckland, NZ)
  • Chep Equipment: Customer service seminar
    (Auckland, NZ)
  • Accident Compensation Corporation: Managers' conference
    (Masterton, NZ)