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Benchmarking for better service in New Zealand

CTMA launches a collaborative benchmarking venture with public and private sector organisations in New Zealand

CTMA has launched a new nation-wide benchmarking programme to help public and private sector organisations establish a comprehensive benchmark of service levels, working practices and customer service strategy.

"Benchmark New Zealand" is a customer service benchmarking programme looking for ways to improve service to customers and get better outcomes for businesses, government departments and local councils.

Study director Paul Linnell explains: “Benchmarking can be one of the most powerful steps an organisation can take in self-discovery.  It can help to expose and prioritise opportunities for service improvement and validate areas of existing excellence”.

“But customer service benchmarking isn’t just about numbers. It involves a delicate balance of measurable and sometimes
un-measurable variables where, more than in any other part of a business, the customer is in charge”.

Programme scope:

Through a series of on-line mini-studies, "Benchmark New Zealand" sets out to identify what successful organisations are doing more of (or less of) in order to achieve their success.  The programme will cover a range of topics including:

  • Corporate customer vision, strategy and policies

  • Customer access management and channels

  • Customer response processes and best practices

  • Customer response facilities, tools and technology

  • Staff recruitment, selection, skills, training and retention

  • Performance and performance management

  • Continuous improvement and learning from customers

Participants and registration:

CTMA is inviting private and public sector organisations throughout New Zealand to take part in the programme.  This is a collaborative project with no participation fee.  In return for their candid and confidential responses, participating organisation receive a summary of findings from each mini-study in which they taken part.  Each mini-study builds into a comprehensive point of reference to help organisations develop their customer relationship strategies, set service standards, evaluate their performance against others and improve their customers' experience.

Organisations wishing to take part in the programme can find out more and access the on-line registration form by following the link below:

For more information, or to discuss the programme in more detail please contact Paul Linnell at CTMA New Zealand Ltd. (contact details below).

About CTMA New Zealand Ltd.

CTMA is a service quality improvement firm that provides a range of consulting and customer satisfaction research services to help organisations build loyalty and advocacy by improving their service to customers. Its consulting and research services help organisations identify sources of customer dissatisfaction, prioritise remedial actions and improve the customer experience. In addition to its client-specific services, CTMA also conducts benchmarking and best-practice studies to help public and private sector organisations develop their customer relationship strategies.

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Paul Linnell
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