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Industry-wide customer experience baseline study of

New Zealand Power Companies

9 minute audio introduction to CTMA’s Industry-Wide Customer Experience Baseline Studies

Executive insights for improving customer retention and increasing profitability

CTMA is conducting an update to its 2012 industry-wide customer experience baseline study to help power companies continue to improve customer experiences and build a stable and loyal customer-base through service excellence.Registration



The findings from the 2012 study provided participating power companies with valuable and actionable insights into their customers’ experiences that have helped them focus investment on specific actions to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.  The study demonstrated the significant commercial opportunity for New Zealand electricity and gas supply companies to improve customer retention by adopting two key strategies:

To support power companies that are pursuing these two key strategies, CTMA is conducting a major update study this year to provide a revised measurement for previous participants to evaluate progress made since 2012, and valuable customer-driven insights for newly participating power companies.

The study will again focus on identifying specific problems and concerns that put customer retention most at risk.  With a confidential company-specific report for each participating power company, the study will help establish a series of strategic and tactical improvement opportunities, prioritised in terms of their potential impact on customer retention and positive recommendations.

Whereas traditional market research may provide insights into product positioning and targeting business development activities, this study uses customer insights to focus inwardly to identify, and quantify, existing points of pain that undermine customer retention and potential business growth.

Executive insights and actionable findings...

BriefingThe study points to specific improvement strategies and management actions to improve customer loyalty and advocacy and answer questions often asked by the leadership team:


The study delivers much more than a simple customer satisfaction score and performance index.  It is designed to provide each  participating company with specific and actionable findings in its own individual and confidential company-specific report.


A price-sensitive market, intense competition, increasing customer expectations, the mixed ownership model and easier switching practices, is creating an opportunity for New Zealand power companies to improve customer retention and differentiate their brand value through service excellence.


The study involves five simple steps leading from measurement to management action.

Using a combination of online and (optional) mail-based surveys, the study provides confidential, company-specific insights to help identify what needs to be done to retain more customers.


The study provides actionable company-specific reports that quantify customer satisfaction and loyalty, identify sources of dissatisfaction that can have the biggest impact on customer retention, and assess the company’s effectiveness dealing with customer complaints and concerns.

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To obtain valuable intelligence to help improve service and drive business success, please use the online registration form to register to take part in the study now.



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If you would like to arrange a more detailed discussion about the study prior to registration, please contact us to schedule a call:

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Report options

With a participation fee of only $9,870 the study is a unique and cost-effective opportunity for New Zealand electricity and gas supply companies to establish a company-specific baseline of satisfaction and loyalty and to
identify customer-driven improvement priorities.

(For clarity, this represents a discount of approximately 85% of the fee normally charged to an individual organisation for this type of study).

The industry-wide nature of the study also helps to establish a national baseline of customer satisfaction in the industry and provide participating companies with an independent measure of their relative position in the marketplace.


How the study works

The study asks customers about the service they have received from their power company during the past 12 months.  It is conducted using a combination of an online and (optional) mail-based survey, and produces a confidential company-specific report for each participating power company.

Registration and design phase

CTMA works closely with industry bodies and participating companies on the design of the study to ensure its focus maintains industry and customer relevance.  During this initial period, companies register as participants in the study and the design of the survey is finalised.

The study then involves five simple steps leading from measurement to management action:





Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5


Companies invite their customers to take part in the study

Customers respond via CTMA’s customer feedback website or
by mail

CTMA collects and processes online and mail-based responses

CTMA analyses the responses and reports on the study findings

CTMA conducts company briefings helping to identify improvement opportunities

Invitations Customers respond Process Analysis Action

Invitations to customers

Participating companies invite their customers to take part in the study by sending them an email or a letter, explaining the objectives of the study.

Letters and emails contain an Internet link to the online questionnaire.

By inviting their own qualifying customers from their internal records, companies are able to ensure that a significant sample of customers is contacted whilst also preserving their customers’ individual privacy.

For power companies wishing to provide customers with a printed version of the questionnaire for mail-based response, CTMA will produce a company-branded version of the questionnaire (in .pdf format) to be printed and mailed to customs by the power company.  This should include a FreePost envelope addressed to CTMA for customers to mail back their responses. 

Customers provide feedback

Customers submit their feedback about the service they have received from their power company during the past 12 months.

The online questionnaire is hosted on CTMA’s customer feedback website.

Mail-based responses are returned directly to CTMA for codification and data capture.

Responses are completely confidential and customers are not asked for any personally identifiable information. 

A “per-response” fee of $6.00 (+GST) for each questionnaire returned by mail will be charged to companies that wish to use this facility.  (This fee is to cover costs of FreePost returns and data processing).

There are no response fees charged for online customer responses.


CTMA collects online and mail-based responses from customers throughout the study period.  Mail-based responses are codified and entered into CTMA’s analytics software and customer comments are transcribed.

Online and mail-based responses are combined in preparation for data analysis and reporting.

Analysis and

Upon completion of the survey period, CTMA analyses customer responses and reports on the findings separately for each participating power company in a confidential “company-specific” report.

Briefings and

Following the study, CTMA will provide a management briefing to each participating power company to help interpret the study findings and plan remedial actions.

CTMA can provide further consultative assistance and report briefings if required.  (Fees and costs associated with these services will be agreed on an individual basis).

Report content:

Each participating company receives an individual, confidential “company-specific” report of the study findings in the form of a password protected, printable .pdf file.

In a graphical and tabular format, the report presents relative strengths and improvement opportunities of the individual company and examines four perspectives of service performance:

  • Overall customer satisfaction with service and the impact on customer loyalty and advocacy.
  • Problems experienced by customers, identifying specific areas of poor performance and sources of customer dissatisfaction.  This section also helps to identify and prioritise customer concerns in terms of their impact on loyalty and advocacy.
  • Customer contact behaviour (when things go wrong), identifying key aspects of customer complaint and word-of-mouth behaviour.
  • Response effectiveness, providing a measure of company effectiveness responding to customers when they experience a problem or concern.


Please note that company-specific reports are confidential.  Company-specific reports are only made available to the participating company and only to those that have actively and effectively encouraged their customers to take part in the study.  Company-specific findings from one company are not shared with anyone else.


How your company can take part

To take part in the study, simply register here using the online registration form and we’ll call
to discuss the project in more detail:Registration


Schedule a call...or if you would like to arrange a more detailed discussion about the study prior to registration, please contact us to schedule a call:


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CTMA is a customer experience and service quality improvement firm with more than ten years experience providing advisory and measurement services to help public and private sector organisations improve service to customers.  CTMA conducts similar industry-wide studies of retail banking, telecommunications, and local government services.